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Use the DSUM Function

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Excel has a bunch of these “Database” function; usually it starts with the letter “D”. It basically allows you to perform some kinds of calculation or manipulate data from a table of data for some defined output. In this video I’ll show you how to use one of those database function: DSUM. See the video to learn more on how to use the Microsoft Excel DSUM function.



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  1. What about SUMIFS

  2. excellent great

  3. Very Nicely and Easily Explained… No Complexity in presenting…

  4. Good

  5. I'm new to excel and trying to run before I walk if I'm honest
    But it took me a few hours of head scratching to work out that its the 3rd column of the specified table and not the 3rd column on the whole sheet that makes the formula work
    Anyway thanks heaps saving me loads of time in the future regardless

  6. This is about to save me so much time! Thanks!

  7. Thanks nicely explained

  8. Awesome video. Keep it up. Good work.

  9. What if you wanted an OR condition within the criteria i.e if the region is either west or east, sum up the sales?

  10. Thanks for nice knowledge input. but can't we use sumif(S) in this case?

  11. Thank you!

  12. good, thaks

  13. This is much easier than Match and Index. Thanjs Doug, VG presentation

  14. How do I add a second row to that table up at the top of your spreadsheet? Do I really need to have the column heading be right above the name all the time?

  15. Another cool function!

  16. Thanks for this video, I easily learn Dsum function.

  17. These videos are really helpful. Thanks 🙂

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