Top 23 local Multiplayer Games Android, iOS Via Bluetooth, local wifi

Best local multiplayer i.e bluetooth,local wifi games for android & iOS

So another list of some cool local multiplayer games for android and iOS this games you can play with your friends and family locally with Bluetooth or some local wifi hope you find some good.

Sorry for the lack of uploads I was really busy with my exams but now its over so I’ll try to upload much as possible post your suggestions below I will definitely consider it if I get time.


Lan:-both phones should be connected with same network there is create host option you can use your WiFi hotspot.

Note:- Not all Games are available for iOS.

Following are games names i mentioned in the list:-

Can’t write links it will be out of description capacity.

1)Special forces group 2(lan)
4)block fortress(Bluetooth)
5)bug heroes 2(Bluetooth)
6)call of duty: Black ops zombies(lan)
7)Drive ahead!(Bluetooth)
8)lwp: Lan multiplayer fps(lan)
9)Maze Militia(Bluetooth)
10)Mighty fighters 2(Bluetooth)
11)mini motors wrt(lan)
12)neon shadow(lan)
13)pixel survival game(Bluetooth)
14)football heroes pro 2017(lan)
15)Real Steel WRB(Bluetooth)
16)Shades- Combat Militia(lan)
17)Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy(lan)- its paid got little mistake on video.
18)Virtual Table Tennis(Bluetooth)
19)Tank 1990HD(Bluetooth)
20)Warhammer 40,000: Regicide(Bluetooth)
21)Standoff Multiplayer(lan)
22)Shadow of street fighting(Bluetooth)

Ingame Songs:-
1)Different Heaven: Safe and Sound:-
2)Vexento- Happiness:-
3)JDD & AAudioblade- Stellar:-
4)Ahxello- Takeoff:-

Intro song- Halvorsen- She Got me Like.


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  1. Sup gamers! VinIsHere, I just created a new discord server join in:-

    it's good to have a gaming community where you can have conversations with like minded people get all latest info about new games & help each other it'll be fun


  3. Vinlshere can i ask you is standoff 2 can be offline too?

  4. Guy wtf special forces ain't 86mb it 285mb

  5. Good

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  7. Who Is Watching This In 2020?

  8. Hi

  9. My phone is redmi note 7 pro I'm a pes football game addict i can't connect with some phone like redmi note 6 pro and Mi A2 because of the Bluetooth problem any solution for that ? Help me

  10. Has nobody notice he forgot to put mini militia at the description?
    I know some of you notice and i don't care he forgot to put it well im forgetful like bruh i forgot what we learned about a little bit

    Edit:he forgot to put some of the apps are paid

    Edit 2:Not Hating ok I LOVE HIS VIDEOS

    Edit 3:Wheres NBA Jam Bruh im confused

    Edit 4:So It needs to be 24 IM so confuse like bruh

  11. Bhai aisa game btao na jisko jio phone aur smart phone Malti play khal ske

  12. bhai plz bata dijiye dual app laise wifi se khelete hai

  13. bhai call of duty bhi paid hai

  14. Good and nice vid i pick my favorite game bombsquad

  15. Terraria…..

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  17. Anybody here in 2020

  18. Bombsqaud is best

  19. These aren't bluetooth dafuq

  20. Whats mean (lan)

  21. Top 5 android fps games

  22. 4:37 idiot lol
    Btw nice video Vin!

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