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Top 20 Best Japanese Anime Movies to Watch Right Now

The Best 20 Anime Movies and Films to watch in these days so stay home stay safe and watch anime 🙂

Hey Anime Fans,

here are the Best Anime Movies that you should watch, why? because simply, we took on our shoulders the responsibility of compiling a Japanese movies top list of various films, from different themes be it new ones, classics, masterpieces, or some good movies that we think are overlooked, underrated, and deserves to be mentioned in order to give fans something unknown, yet amazing to watch!

Chill, Because you have come to the right place to discover new Good Japanese Anime Movies to add to you watch list.

Here We Go!
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  2. Maquia is a really good movie. I highly recommend it.

  3. What’s that anime that was in the intro

  4. A silent voice hits differently man

  5. Sad. Your Lie in April is not on the lists. 🙁 highly recommended tho.

  6. Hey you! Im warning you! If you get too attatched to the characters, then you might regret it! But its alright, we all cried when (insert dead character) died!

  7. why most of the movies are related to time travel

  8. 1. Kimi no na wa

    2. Koe no katachi

    3. Grave of the fireflies

    4. Weathering with you

    5. 5 centimeters per second

    6. Fireworks

    7. Garden of words

    8. The girl who leapt through time

    9. I want to eat your pancreas

    10. Hal

    11. I’ve always like you

    12. Colorful

    13. Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

    14. Children who chase the lost voice

    15. Hana and alice

    16. Bakemono no ko

    17. Miyori no mori

    18. Mirai

    19. From up the poppy hill

    20. The secret world of arriety

    21. Ride your wave

    22. Patema inverted

    23. A letter to momo

    24. Tokyo godfather

    25. Liz and the blue bird

    26. Hotaburi no mori e

    27. Maquia

    28. Summer wars

    29. Anthem of the heart

    30. Wolf children

    31. Hello world

    32. Perfect blue

    33. The place promised in our early days

    34. In the corner of the world

    35. The wind Rises

    36. Spirited away

    37. Princess Mononoke

    38. My neighbor totoro

    39. Whisper of the heart

    40. Howl’s Moving Castle

    41. Bokura no nanokakan sensou

    42. Paprika

    43. A wind named amnesia

    44. Kiki’s delivery service

    45. Tamako love story

    46. Doukyuusei

    47. The cat returns

    48. Napping princess

    49. Millenium actress

    50. Relative world

    51. Castle in the sky

    52. Giovanni no shima (ギオヴァンい の 島)

    53. Lu over the wall

    54. Ni no kuni

    55. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

    56. Tales of the earthsea

    57. Kyoukai no kanata:Mirai-hen

    58. Barefoot gen

    59. The wonderland

    60. Ivu no jikan

    61. Asura

    62. Rascal does not dream of a dreaming girl.

    63. Fragtime

    64. The princess and the pilot

    65. Her blue sky

    66. Nerawareta Gakuen

    67. Children of the sea

    This is the all anime movies I already watched, yet. I still have many anime movies I want to watch. I just watched almost all of the movies in this list in just 3 months.

  9. Why don’t u add the anime real name

  10. I recommended "A Whisker Away" (Nakitai Watashi Wa Neko Wo Kaburu)…

  11. Hoturubi no mori e, wolf children, the garden of words, 5 centimeters per second, a letter to momo, the boy and the beast, are some good anime movies.

  12. i cried so damn much while watching "Koe no Katachi" there were so many plot twists.

  13. Weathering with you is so over rated

  14. What do the Yes's and No's mean by the titles

  15. who's bored of watching anime series and decided to watch anime movies instead?

  16. where is superbroly

  17. Great list💚

  18. My favorite anime movies
    1. Koe no katachi
    2. Maquia
    3. The girl who leap through time
    4. Hal
    5. Her blue sky
    6. I want to eat your pancreas
    7. Ride your wave
    8.kimi no nawa
    9. Tenki no ko
    10. And many more

  19. A silent voice is so romance

  20. You guys watch also COLOR full

  21. koe no katachi i think is also in netflix called a silent voice

  22. wearing with you is crazy af

  23. Weathering with you
    Your name
    I want to eat your pancreas
    A silent voice

    Name a better movie, I’m waiting 😤
    I hope my memory from these movies erase so I can rewatch em

  24. Watch this if u wanna cry like a lil B1T*H
    3. Your Name
    2. Weathering With You
    1. Hello World

  25. Wow, no SG… brave

  26. (Your name) movie is the best 😭😭😭😭

  27. Tamako love story ???

  28. Whose here after they finished all the Anime’s they love so much too many times

  29. I just watched kimi no na wa and now I feel like I lost something.😭😭

  30. Why's "I want to eat your pancreas" number 13??? It deserves better

  31. My favourite movies in this list are- Your name, Weathering with you, I want to eat your pancreas, a silent voice and the girl who leapt through the time…. Because I only watch these movies😅and now I'm going to watch other anime movies😁

  32. ‘Hotarubi no mori e' is also a beautiful movie.

  33. Shit, I already watched most of these. I just watched Weathering with You the other night and it was so fucking beautiful. I cried a lot. I really liked the art scenes and how the clear blue skies looked. That quote that Hodaka told Hina, "I want you more than any blue sky" was cute asf. Definitely recommend that movie.

  34. I can't find the movie the anthem of the heart anywhere can anyone tell me where to find it

  35. My favourites so far:
    Kae no Katachi
    Hello World
    Weathering with you
    Big Fish and Begonina
    Grave of Fireflies

    Edit:Make sure to drink some water because your body will lose some XD.

  36. Good channel, it was quite interesting,
    by the way let's be YouTube friends
    Team work makes the dream works 💪

  37. Are you from South Africa?

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