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Top 10 New Isekai Anime With An Overpowered Main Character (2019-2020)

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  2. Song name: Book bag – E’s Jammy Jams

  3. F

  4. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun e
    Rly good

  5. The begin anime +

  6. Dude…. Am i a fucking legendary loner that has seen all of this anime on the list?! I hate myself

  7. 3rd place anime was the worst isekai anime I’ve seen so far.

  8. Uhh thumbnail anime

  9. When your trying to find another isekai, but you have already watched them all

  10. Ok I only wanted to watch the top 3 but when I looked the name my head exploded

  11. My favs on this list is the Wisemans grandchild and the shield hero

  12. F in the chat for bitch san


  14. I agree that iruma is a badass

  15. if you have not seen all of these anime, you just lost the game.

  16. Shinchouu is actually pretty good

  17. All of these are great anime, but it's sad that I've already watched them all…

  18. I already knew them all😭

  19. Kenja no mango is the best

  20. What's the anime in the thumbnail ?

  21. I have watched them all

  22. i watched every single one dont know why

  23. I really wish that rising of the shield hero would stay on YouTube but it always gets taken down also if anyone knows a where I can find it other than for Funimation please let me know

  24. its sad when you knew all of the anime in the list

  25. My soul Hurt too when I think about re:zero 😍😍

  26. anime at the thumbnail ?

  27. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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