Top 10 Impossible Color Switch Levels COMPLETED!

I this video I collected some of the most difficult levels in Color Switch. It took me hours and days to complete these levels! And I also tried the new game mode, Obstacles.
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Used songs♫
MS MR – BTSK (Epique Remix)

TroyBoi – Grimey

NIVIRO – The Floor Is Lava [NCS Release]

Axol – Mars [NCS Release]

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  1. I beat this in one attempt and I'm not lying 1:22

  2. Zigzag 45 is pretty easy for me. Shoot 58 looks alot like shoot 17 and the second half of slide 17 looks like slide 54

  3. I completed zigzag 45, hop hop 65 and volcano 74

  4. For me, the hardest level in the old version was Black and White 86
    The level had insane timings that you had to do. It took a score of attempts
    to complete.

  5. I feel like "Impossible" and "Completed" should not be in the same sentence.

  6. Seriously you can beet the hardest level in the game but not obs 13

  7. Guys go to aptoide and download aptoide after its done there u can get the old color switch back😜

  8. Wow your a pro…😱

  9. 10 impossible but completed

  10. Dude, have you not played easter 63?

  11. it make me strong please what song is this

  12. XD good eyes :)i have co lours bland

  13. I haven’t even started the video I Paused it right when I clicked just so I can say it’s not impossible if they did it

  14. The best

  15. Where is lava 70

  16. Someone can give me the game link plz

  17. They updated color switch now we don’t have a lot of these levels 😢

  18. Before the color switch world récord was 119 I broke it with 149 like half a year ago it is on Facebook im not lying

  19. I beat the 1st game 2 times and working to beat the new one

  20. I'm sad/disappointed that the new version of Color Switch lacks the differently themed gamemode music.
    Also, the new version loads levels slower (they only appear after 2~3 seconds).

  21. 4 3 2 1 was esay for me

  22. Volcano 74 took me a day

  23. If its impossible how did you complete it

  24. Well done . I love Colour switch.

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