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"THE GATE GUARDIAN" SCP-001 | Minecraft SCP Foundation

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The SCP Foundation are conducting experiments on SCP-001, otherwise known as The Gate Guardian. SCP-001 is a humanoid entity with wing-like appendages emerging from its back and wielding a sword. Team Iris are sent to take pictures of The Gate Guardian. There, Iris is told of another Mobile Task Force team… Team Able.

“The Gate Guardian”: Based upon “SCP-001” by: DrClef

Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

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  1. OieuGoTei

  2. Why did you make another video about a different SCP the scarlet king that is also called 001.Did you make it up because this is the real 001.

  3. We are the all powerful OZ!! Er, um, 05! >.>

  4. How many scp are numbered as 001?

  5. I think termination would've been better than being set on fire.

  6. U thought 001 was scarlet king

  7. why are there 3 scp-001 "the scarlet king" "when day breaks" and now the gate guardian

  8. Prepare or Forget. That's all life is huh?

  9. Wasn’t the Scarlet King scp-001???

  10. Guard:as long as we are in a certain poit were fine
    Said as he is in range

  11. That's definitely not the gate guardian,Why does it look like a night???we're are it's wings???there's only 2!also that facility is definitely in it's range,Also it doesn't kill like that,it doesn't just set people on fire,it avaporates them,not leaving a trace, that's why it has a sword,also why do sooo many people step in it's range???I forgot but I think it's range is 1 kilometer

  12. i was hoping to see the Iron Wrought from Mowzies mobs be the Gate Gaurdian

  13. Whats with the O5 and demanding you to kill your loved ones for the position ? Geez

  14. 2:04 idk why I but in my head I instantly started singing “there’s 104 days of summer vacation” idk maybe it’s just my adhd

  15. So when he was looking at u " MeNaCiNgLy" did u ment is as a jojo reference?

  16. She died a sad way

    Idk why i feel bad for her,…

  17. I actually liked the accent if alice

  18. Sacrifice the one you love (Black Widow's death replays in my head)

  19. Patches.

  20. Did you know one of the actually o5 members is a cat

  21. I love how the gate guardians demands are absolute but 1 d class boi says daga kotowaru and continues (tries)

  22. Sunlight is bright

  23. LK

  24. 8:08 – 10:50
    🙁 ho nooo it can't be true poor cinnamon roll

  25. I love Johnson,simon, and Simmons they remind me of hooper and his 2 clone I love them.♡

  26. 4:46 spongebob reference

  27. Why scp gate guardian is a number of scp 001……..and scp 001 need a code for open ……..ewwwww wow hmmmmmm what sound only ……i dont know code for open code is in scp 079 computer bye

  28. Is it just me or the thumnail looks like poemwer rangers

  29. “It’s just looking at me…menacingly…”
    I didn’t know there would be a SPONGEBOB reference in this show that isn’t SPONGEBOB

  30. Scp-001 The Leader Of Scp

  31. Wait is SCP 001 is the god of all

  32. able to coopertae will resute in death as well

  33. Gate Guardian: All will pay for their sins
    me: HE'S GONNA BREACH!!!

  34. I love your video

  35. What mod is this?

  36. 05 member 11 is it dectivive o-Conner IF I AM RIGHT IM THE REAL DETECTIVE! AHAH

  37. I tribute Sanga of the Thunder, Suijin and Kazejin to summon the all might GATE GUARDIAN!!!

  38. Oh we ded

  39. wow this video sack

  40. Why does 11 sound only voices is agen o conor

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