Son Goku vs. Ash Ketchum (Pokémon Sun/Moon) – Dragonball/Pokémon Crossover

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QUEEN OF THE SKIES by Nicolai Heidlas Music
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

Music provided by Audio Library


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  1. Watch my brand-new Dragonball/Pokémon Crossover LP @VS Anime:

  2. T thằng ngu

  3. Queria muito ver o Pikachu se transformar em super Sayajin

  4. Hay

  5. Ash jite ga

  6. Like for more Crossover Battles of Dragon Ball.

  7. My favourite Pokemon is Pikachu

  8. There should be no items

  9. Amazing batel

  10. LUCAS

  11. Lay ro rang goku thang roi choi oi vua thoi

  12. How many times is ash going to win

  13. R

  14. Ash Vs Goku omg

  15. sao có huyên thoai ma thua

  16. Pokemen wins Dragon ball lose

  17. i have Pokemon sun we friends

  18. This battle was not fair for ash but he still won anyways

  19. Goku wins

  20. Would we see someday a Crossover Battle about Vegeta? Is only an idea.

  21. Uhm whaaaaaat say whaaaaaaaat

  22. Goten
    Idk who tf sandslash is

  23. Isn't the electric terrain giving Pikachu advantage

  24. Xeno goku one shots everyone in pokemon

  25. Ash won cause he has love for his pokemon HAHA GOKU

  26. Infernape is goku

  27. Mewtwo is frieza,Rayquaza is shenron,chimchar is Goten,monferno is Gohan,and infernape is Goku.Sandslash I am actually not sure

  28. Wouldn’t goku have a lucario as well as a tryrant cause when you think about it, it would make sense

  29. Fack

  30. ' ' lal

  31. Does goku have a Mega Mewtwo Y?

  32. I though goku is a fighter not a pokemon battle

  33. Lol charzard and greninga

  34. 아싸 지우가 이겼다 손오공 죽어

  35. Goku has two legendarys

  36. Vai schifooooooo

  37. Ash is going to win.

  38. E falso

  39. Va a ganar tin As

  40. Good video

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