NES Super Contra No Death (2 player co op 1 credit each) full gameplay

NES Super Contra No Death (2 player co op 1 credit each) full gameplay

My Brother and I finish Super contra without any deaths
It’s one of our all time favorite games
Who do you think is a better player
The Blue one or the Red one

I hope you like it
Thanks for watching


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  1. Turbo controllers much?

  2. in area 7 at the last just before main dragon, we used to fake jumps to kill teammate 🤣🤣😂 that was so fun. we have to give our words that this time we well jump together but who knows … 😂😂😂

  3. This is the game that never gets old

  4. Time flies…😭

  5. Bruh… this game with my friend felt like we were invincibles. After finishing this game we used to jump to Ninja Gaiden. Best childhood ever.

  6. Is the game still available now??? For any one of you
    19:06 what a coordination 😧😧😧 amazing.

  7. Amazing game🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘😎😎😎😎 reminded me my childhood.
    Those memorable moments of my life.

  8. मेरा तो पूरा बचपन ही इसे खेल कर निकला है।

  9. There's no match to contra 1

  10. Amazing

  11. trebuie sa ne rugam numai la jocurile astea ce alte casete mai sunt cum se fac nu pot sa le fac eu depinde cine mai vine simi mai aduce

  12. My old days

  13. 0:48 F

  14. Fake totally fake hamesha S ki hi power rahti j jo nayi power mil rahi h vo bhi har baar S ki hi

  15. Old is gold 🇮🇳♥️🇮🇳♥️

  16. Best game of contra Series

  17. I like player 2 coz I end this 1 live

  18. Super juego

  19. Es el Papa de metal slug

  20. Emulator name please?

  21. great game

  22. We didn't know we make memories, we were just having a good time

  23. now try it without rapid fire. 🙂

  24. Something soothing about all the sounds 😌

  25. 80'ler ya, 2 kişi sıka sıka gidiyor.
    Rambo etkisi amk.

  26. Ek jamane me ye mera fav game thaa

  27. I used to have lot of time when I was kids but now no time for games 😣

  28. My childhood golden days. I used to play this game.

  29. my favorite power ups is [L.S.F]

  30. It still entertain now a days also, even pubg & ps4 didn't give this type of satisfaction

  31. 20:18 feels we save the world.

  32. Me encanta super contra! Mi juego favorito que todavía sigo disfrutando y no me caso jeje

  33. Remember guys the hack we do for 30 lives and we fell wow now we can reach the last stage

  34. Remember guys strongest gun Power is C power

  35. I remember the time when my brother and I used to play after coming back from school where my brother would always give me the broken controller😂 and my mom yelling from the back because we kept the t.v occupied and she can’t watch her favourite show. Today my brother suddenly brought up this topic like “do you remember that shooting game we used to play? Contra?” So here i am. Really miss those days.

  36. the lesson is

    never stop shooting even no enemies

  37. Ur gaming skills are amazing man 👌 thanks for the upload 👍 love from India ❤️

  38. Contra, super contra, alien wars and hard crops were the best contra games 😊.this my all time favourite

  39. So subconsciously beat this game finally through you guys

  40. Gta 9

  41. This guys use cheat please report them to mr trump

  42. back when reload wasn't a thing. I instantly turned off my device when I saw the helicopter for the first time.

  43. Can you give me the game please send the link

  44. Nostalgia🥺🥺

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