how to transfer game data from one android to another without rooting (No PC)

how to transfer game data from android to android without rooting. You can transfer complete game from one device to another device without root access. Watch the video and see how to.

*** USED APPS ***
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  1. This method doesn't work I guess on android 9 on my redmi note 9 pro. I tried the steps but instead of apk extractor I used apkmirror to download the apk. But the app doesn't work.

  2. Bro how to share WCC 2 hackable game from one smartphone device to another it's seems problem to me
    Pls help

  3. Thanks bro

  4. Did not understand one bloody word u said…slow down ur speech, not all of us can understand ur lingo eh

  5. Μίλα πιο αργά ρε μαλάκα.

  6. Wtf! Once again the same guy. Talking to himself. This ain't hip hop tutorial.

  7. Thank you mate… I will give it a try tomorrow because I'm sleepy now. The Obb folder in phone 1 is empty, so I understand I have to try copying files from Data folder. Ignore the comments about the accent; These guys are so self centered that expect everyone to speak like people from Hollywood. Greetings from Chile ✌🏼

  8. x

  9. I dont want apk…. I need my saved application data 😑😑

  10. Will the coin,diamond and car will be transfer?

  11. Is this applicable to any phone? And if so? What are the applications he used?

  12. What is I don’t have the phone

  13. Thanks!

  14. huh??

  15. It's very complicated method not useful

  16. Video starts in 1:50

    Edit: thank me later

  17. I watched at 1.5x speed. Hes pretty clear it's just you haters

  18. I just hear a bunch of sounds.

  19. 0.75 solves the problem

  20. Is this a method or is it 8 minutes of waffling

  21. need root?

  22. Rapid fire speech with an Indian accent 🥴….. Geeze i need a nap !!!!

  23. 3mins in & im lost. Speaking way to fast

  24. Mr gupta can you please slow down bro? thousand apology🙏

  25. Everyone: Damn you're so fast! Slower your Speech please?

    me: he doesn't care. Because he's a rapper

  26. how to do if game has a data file not obb

  27. Playback speed 0.75 thank me later

  28. I give up.


  30. English please:(

  31. talking too much, just show the method already.

  32. Can not understand you you are talking way too fast and with a accent

  33. I tried what you told me to do, but for some reason I couldn't install the app

  34. In my New phone if i dont have the app how can i extract?

  35. Good fucking god man, back off the fucking speed, can't understand one fucking word…waste of fucking time.

  36. Playback speed 0.75 thx me later

  37. Man, you got some gorilla hairy palms dude. You need to take care of that

  38. I understood you just fine; not sure what these guys are on about.

  39. i've tried so many ways to move my game data today and this was the only one that worked, thank you!!!

  40. Can’t even understand him

  41. How are we supposed to understand what to do ?

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