How to make a COLOR SWITCH Replica in Unity (Livestream Tutorial)

This is a recording of the monthly livestream. This time we make a replica of the popular Color Switch!

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  1. Assetsrotator.cs(10,30): error CS0103: The name 'Of' does not exist in the current context
    What does this error mean ?

  2. With a lot of dedication and a great mix of "I don't know what I'm doing" and "my God, how is it working?" I was able to generate an infinite game where, as you progress, you generate more circles every moment.


  3. yeah

  4. Anyone can explain what's the difference between doing it the "fancy way" and the simple way for defining colors at 18:42?

  5. what programing language are u using because my code dosent work as the key words are not highlited like in yours

  6. 6:44
    (i'm italian, sorry for the errors)

    it doesn't work, my circle, when i press primary button of mouse, it's just slowed down in the falling.
    my code is
    same as yours.

  7. Why didn't we use Time.deltaTime for player velocity?

  8. what i've wrong? even my player go through the same color to rotating circle it says "game over" when i add script "scene manager" i cant play to pass from first rotating circle.. help,,,

  9. 27:00 why my ball disappier when the game strarts

  10. My small circle did not circling properly

  11. Fuck.her(speed * Time.deltaTime)

  12. can we make random levels or make this endless game?

  13. Try this
    public string[] colors = [] // add all colors in array
    // do this to select random color
    colors[Random.Range(0, colors.Length-1)]

  14. 30:39

  15. Why i cannot slice into four?

  16. When my color circle rotates it starts moving around and doesn't stay in one place, how do i fix it heeeelp

  17. it did not work it wont let me open the script

  18. Can you do how to make a Bubble Shooter Replica in Unity?

  19. Ive always wanted to program and I tried java and I got really bored really fast because Khan academy had really dumb tutorials, Ok lemme rephrase, un interesting. I want to actually make little games while learning, or watch a good tutorial. I started watching Dani the Dev and he always talks about your channel and I was like, know what if C# is close to Java but cleaner ima try it, and been banging my head against the keyboard til I pulled up these tutorials. Really interesting and cleanly made. Thanks for the tutorials, I will be watching most of the 2D ones before I start really messing with the coding myself because I don't want to get angry and quit because I can't make a square jump XD. Will be a long journey but I Think it will be awesome, I have always wanted to make games and eventually I can start making cheesy 2D and even 3D mobile games. Great video so far!

  20. I wish you were my Computer Science teacher 😀

  21. what if we don’t have Photoshop?

  22. Whose position does
    transform.position.y give?

  23. 26:10
    remembering were i am in the vid so ignore thanks

  24. 6:44 first point of my enthusiasm

  25. my player just collides into the objects and doesnt go upwards whats the problem…this is happeing since i added the polygon colliders 2d

  26. my player doesnt go through the obstacles ude to colliders

  27. there is no rb and rigidbody slot in my unity. how to solve it?

  28. Does anyone know how I could make it so it can't get the same color once again from a color changer?I am new to Unity and C# so I am kind of confused. :/

  29. this is great! pls do more of these streams

  30. Random.Range(0, 3) gives a value between 0 to 2 i.e it wont ever generate 3. So technically the player wont be spawned with color assosciated with index = 3.
    Random.Range(0, 4) is the correct code there I believe.

  31. 14:46 You can notice how proud he is of that joke.
    I am indeed as well.

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