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Billiards 3D Cool Pool (also known as Cool Pool 8 Ball) is a very attractive billiards game for PC. Although it was released long ago, however, this is still considered the most popular game billiards game community. Billiards game is the most popular player on the PC. As part of the legendary Cool Pool series for PCs, 3D Cool Pool is the most successful version of the game with rich, varied gameplay.

With beautiful 3D graphics and multiple game modes, the 3D Cool Pool billiards game is more than just another billiards game. 3D Cool Pool has 5 game modes to choose from. Includes Basic Pocket Billiards, Eight Ball, Cutthroat, Nine Ball, Rotation. Each mode possesses different rules of play. Do not worry, you can easily get to know each mode has tips before playing. Difficulty of the game is gradually increased in the Easy, Medium and Hard levels. You can be a great pool player in real life, but choose the Easy mode first, Hard mode will really make you difficult.

Game rules Billiards 3D Cool Pool

The first rule in the 3D Cool Pool Billiards is the winner of the 8-ball. However, you can not eat the number 8. You have 2 choices. You will eat all the compass number 1 to number 7 or compass number 9 to number 15. Finally eat the number 8 ball and you will win.

Numbers 1 to 7 are called Solid. Numbers 9 through 15 are called Stripe. If you eat a Solid Ball for the first time, eat all of the remaining Solid Ball and go to Ball 8. And if you eat a Stripe Ball for the first time, eat all the remaining Stripe Balloons. ball 8. You will win.
The number 8 must be eaten in the final order, in the wrong order, you will lose.

Do not eat Solid and then eat the Stripe and vice versa, you will break the law.

You can change the angle of inclination, straight, vertical to better observe the position of the ball. You can hit strong or light, swing forward or backward depending on the impact force on the ball. After each screen, the system will list the results as the number of hits, the number of balls in the hole, the accuracy, the number of balls to the hole in a single turn, shooting time and total playing time.

Although it was released long ago, however, this is the billiards game can be considered the most successful on the PC today. A game that I think is indispensable in your collection. Simple but stress-free gameplay. Download this 3D Cool Pool game on the machine offline.


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