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Formula of Sum, Percentage, If Function, Merge & Center MS Excel 2007 Tutorial in Hindi

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Formula of Sum, Percentage, If Function, Merge & Center MS Excel 2007 Tutorial in Hindi

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  1. Thank you SIR

  2. Thank you so much. This is very very helpful🤗

  3. To close bracket what are you typing

  4. good

  5. nice video I like the way you explain the consept . thankyou

  6. If any student has marks 70 ,20, 60 according to subject
    there total wiill be 150
    thre percentage will be 50%
    And the grade will be B or C
    But student has low marks in any subject which is 20
    How can we give he B or C grade
    He should be fail

    So..how we change in firmulas

  7. ❤️❤️❤️from india

  8. Thanks for guidelines

  9. Mai click press kartey hue jab neechy aa raha hu to wo wohi chiz copy kar raha h

  10. Ur information is useful ,Har har mahadev🙏

  11. Thanks bro God bless
    ur parents ur family ur friends and u and every organism on earth

  12. Nicely presented …impressed 😊

  13. Bhaiya Can you please recommend a Budget Laptop for Students???? Plz tell your suggestion ……

  14. You are good teaching sar

  15. Gd Work 👍

  16. Follow my excel tutorial Series.

  17. Thanks so mach kep it ap

  18. Thanks so much,lov u,,subscribed,, liked

  19. monitor Clear nahin hai sir

  20. Vry good explanation . Everything Understood

  21. Thank you it is very useful, Tomorrow is my computer exam and now i understand how to do

  22. Bahut achcha sir

  23. Luv from India 🇮🇳❤️

  24. Can I see you

  25. jai mahakaal

  26. Bhaijaan aap bohoot he acha sikhate ho ore samajh be aata hai

  27. Request to give the file in video description.

  28. It really help me sir thanku very much and now i am taking 35000 sallery

  29. Very informative brO 👍🏻

  30. Thank you very much sir.

  31. Good way of teaching sir

  32. GOOD

  33. Thank you sir.

  34. Thank you so much

  35. Thanks for explaining

  36. Thank you very much and I wonder how fast you type

  37. Thnxx sir

  38. Thank you so much sir it helps me a lot


  40. Thankyou sir for your wonderfull explanation

  41. thanks vai

  42. agar bhau esme se ek subject mai banda fail hai or hamene grade mai fail show krna hai oska formula….kyuki joh aap ne bataya osme agar 39 se kam hai tab fail hai….ese toh banda ek mai fail hoke bhi 39 se jyada le skda hai %

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