Fix CrossFire Errors – File is Changed, Old Version Client – CF 2.0 PH – 100% WORKING! (version.ini)

You can now Fix all CrossFire Errors – File is Changed, Old Version Client, object.dll – (Crossfire 2.0 Philippines and other countries):

1.cki read Failed. (999999)
2.File is changed: W[2007] L[0] rez
3. Client file corruption detect, Closing game client
4. Failed to connect to server: W[2003]L[0]
5. Failed to download the patch file list
6. Failed to Initialize Anti-hacking Module : W[2018] L[0] or Aegis Init Error
7. File is changed : W[2007]L[0] patcher_cf2.exe
8. File is changed: W[2007] L[2] crossfire.exe
9. File is changed: W[2007] L[0] hgwc.exe
10. Hack Tool has been detected (0:5:0:0)
11. Hack Tool has been detected (695:1:0:0)
12. Hack Tool has been detected (769:1:0:0)
13. version.ini error

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NOTE: Always run the game with patcher_cf2 so that it will update automatically. Don’t run the default game launcher, the icon you see on desktop after installing. Replace it with patcher_cf2 to avoid errors.

If you have questions or clarifications, please drop a comment below. Like and Share video if you liked it. SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Your support means a lot to us. Thanks.


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  1. Yow Guys, If you have more time, Go check out also my new upload😊 It would be very much appreciated😊❤

  2. Hii! How to fix the application error please?

  3. kuya paano po kung cannot load the version.ini ?

  4. Sakin ayaw mag start, compatibility error

  5. boss pano po ayusin ung shaderlegacy not found

  6. Iba na HAHA

  7. not working!

  8. lods yung cf ko not responding. windows 10 gamit ko

  9. How to fix crossfire no sound, help me please

  10. sir bat nung pinapatch ko invalid CRC not found?

  11. Thank You it worked for me

  12. pano po ifix kung hanggang HGW lng .. stuck lng po sa HGW d cya nag loload step 3 lng yung nkalagay tas biglang mawawala yung HGW pagkatapos ng ilang saglit..

  13. Mag tagalog ka nalang lods❤️

  14. di gumana saken idol

  15. how to fix "failed to execute game client" sana mabasa mo idol

  16. Everytime i run patchercf2 my version disappear and cannot load version ini file how to fix?

  17. i dont even have a gameclub folder

  18. Hello po 😊 paano po ba pag an error occurred while trying to read the source file: the source file is corruptex. Please lang po

  19. not working

  20. still working po ngayon ?

  21. it says Failed to execute game client C_ErrorCode : 2

  22. its not working :C

  23. sub tittle please
    don't try to hard to copy their accent bro
    friendly reminders

  24. bobo

  25. Idol bat ganun nung binuksan ko ung version ko wlang lumabas katulad sayu

  26. Taray lods nag eenglish na 👌
    Keep it up 👆

  27. Paano po pag client eror 31_9?

  28. sir. paano ayusin yung cannot load the version.ini file? pa help po plss 1384 po version nang cf ko 🙁

  29. I don’t have “PatcherCF2” in my CrossFire folder please help🙏🏽

  30. lods pano yung "error occured send error report"

  31. lods pano yung "error occured send error report"

  32. lods pano yung "error occured send error report"

  33. lods paano yung "error occured send report"

  34. "client file corruption detected" ayaw parin po gumana

  35. kakadownload ko lang pero in the middle of the game biglang nag error sheesh

  36. pa kunwari kapa, may binabasa ka naman ayy sus!

  37. Lods pa help naman ayaw parin gumana yung CF ko kahit ginawa ko lajhat ng steps na sinabi mo.."Failed to execute game client"

    C_ErrorCode: 2

  38. sir any response for my problem.

    "Failed to execute game client"

    C_ErrorCode: 2

    sana ma notice agad idol


  39. CROSS FIRE ERROR "An error ocurred. Send error report?" Please helppp, how to fix this?

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