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Dear Microsoft.. (I lost my first hotmail)

I have been with Microsoft/Hotmail for so many years now, it is literally my first email account. A few days ago it suddenly blocked me out from logging in, and I’ve tried every possible way to retrieve my account back but the result was disappointing.
It makes me feel like the security/privacy protocols are blocking owners of the account out, not helping or protecting them.
After so many years of using Hotmail, all my important emails and information are gone, just like that.
Please comment down below if you ever had this issues before, we need to let Microsoft see and they have to offer their users solution on how to really protect them and their email accounts, as a loyal customer for Microsoft, to me, this is not acceptable.

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  1. Same issue for me

  2. No help at all. the problem is that they do not tell you what it is that they are missing in the information they are giving them so you can review that. My wife has no idea about computers so has lost all the info & is now stuck.

  3. Message hackerberryrose34 for help you out

  4. unfortunately i have the same problem with my old hotmail account.. i have tried many times to logging in and providing many information that i could, however the response always the same thing, unfortunately bla bla bla.. why i need this email back, because i did save some pictures of my father on it befor he passed away.. and now i do not have any picture of him at all, this is my very bad experience with the Microsoft

  5. Guys do the hotmail verification form once it goes onto the 24 hours to wait page click the sign in at the top right. This allows you to change your security phone number details. It’s a 30 day wait but I think it works. Then after the 30 days you can verify with your phone and regain access. Obviously you need your password and all that to do the form.

  6. They need to get actual
    humans to help us rather than this stupid automatic shiz

  7. Billi_hacker on IG recovered my lost account

  8. If you demand quick response and genuine hacking services, connect with cyber_detect on I.g

  9. I was able to access my account through billi_hacker on IG for penny

  10. Billi_hacker on IG was able to recover my account perfectly

  11. my first account was made in 2007. I couldn't remember recovery email and phone number which i provided that time .im trying to get that back because my FB is made on that email . Sadly this problem still exists in 2020 .

  12. I had same issue, when I was looking for recover I found ur blog but I had same issue what u had, Microsoft sucks really now I am so mad now mate, this is why I open gmail now

  13. basicly im fucked this gd shit just fucking happen

  14. Microsoft will be losing a lot of customers due to this

  15. I can’t even get in my first email which is hotmail to change my old information and change Facebook that some has hacked into. This is crazy I still can’t get in at all most email ask u for security questions and not even that

  16. Same thing here

  17. I lost my facebook because I lost my hotmail account in 2013. I am still looking for solution.

  18. 1) please try logging in to outlook.com and see if your emails are there OR 2) if you do not have a microsoft account you could make one using your hotmail/outlook email address and then go to outlook. If you already tried both these steps accept my apologies but it worked for me.

    I had hotmail/outlook account around 20 years.
    I only created microsoft account 18 months.
    I reset laptop 2 weeks ago, my hotmail/outlook account was not showing in Windows10 (Envelope Icon).
    I unsuccessfully attempted account recovery process using & changing my original password.
    I successfully logged in to outlook.com today using original password for microsoft account.
    All my hotmail/outlook account emails (4000+) are listed in order by month soon as I logged in.
    Previous time I logged into microsoft I did not see (or look for) these emails – so did something change?
    My hotmail/outlook account is still not showing in Windows10 even though I am in it on outlook.com!

    I hope this information is helpful.

    It seems very strange that I should fail account recovery yet still be allowed into outlook for the same account.

  19. Interesting how they can calmly do this to all of us. No problem for them.

  20. This issue is so annoying, they need to fix this.

  21. Okay I have an isp email so it is not the end of the world but I always used hotmail as my primary email in case of switching isp. That just made sense to me. I now wish I had never bothered creating a hotmail account. There must be the best part of 20 years in mine and I cannot access it.

    I remember having issues with the outlook switchover that was a PITA just like switching from Win7 to Win8 etc.

    First time I lost my hotmail account was when an old PC crashed on me but I got the account back first attempt just following procedure. I don't remember how I recovered it but am sure the procedure has changed (tightened) since Windows10 started.

    I just recently reset my laptop due to battery issues and there is not even an account when I open hotmail. I followed procedures and end up in exact same position as you and many others here. I tried creating a new hotmail account and could not do that for some reason (I got angry and forgot to record this).

    Does microsoft actually care about public relations because this is terrible level of customer service? The problem is we are dealing with robots when trying to resolve this issue.

    I will watch this page with interest and report any solution if I discover it. Thanks for posting, stay safe and good luck to everybody.

  22. Same issue, I can't opened 2 days

  23. Yes. This is horrible. I answered all the questions and still they denied me access to my OWN email. So frustrating.

  24. Can we start a PETITION for this??? This is BS! Come on hotmail!

  25. same problem here

  26. Poor Microsoft i lost my email also

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  28. I only want to recover my blocked account for a reason. After that, i will delete my hotmail. Microsoft sucks

  29. Same problem, this is just plain stupid, cannot even mail them from a new account (won't let me create one).

  30. 👍hackerberryrose34 on gmail. com got me $20k free and transfer successful to my PayPal address.. WhatsApp berry( +12078351733)

  31. I have submitted a ticket to Microsoft, if everyone can go and press I have the same problem, hopefully we can get some traction and a real response on how to resolve this issue – https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-oapps/i-cant-recover-my-hotmail-account-i-have-tried-the/0dce45f3-7ac4-4e07-89a4-e37b7eddeacd?tm=1590362244458

  32. same thing happened to me. so horrible that we cant do anything about it

  33. Same problem no help or solution

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  35. What do we do if the old email is associated with our facebook and intagram accounts? I can still log into Facebook and Instagram but i'm scared if the hotmail account gets deleted after no use that I my get locked out of my facebook and intagram.

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